The Event Source Utility

Create EventSource
In order for the attribute store to be able to log errors and trace information to the event log it requires that an event source is being registered and for this there's a separate project that contains a simple command line utility - EventSource.exe. The utility can except from registering event sources also create custom logs, unregister event source and delete custom logs.

This is it's usage, Note that you should run it with elevated privileges:
Adds or deletes event source.

EVENTSOURCE [/A] [/D] [/DL] eventsource log

/A       Adds an event source
/D       Deletes an event source
/DL      Deletes a log

EVENTSOURCE command must be executed with elevated privileges

EVENTSOURCE /A eventsource log
EVENTSOURCE /D eventsource

The name of the event source that the attribute store will require is: Cortego.ADFS.FIMAttributeStore
...So if you wish that the attribute store should log to the standard Application Log you call it this way:
EVENTSOURCE /A Cortego.ADFS.FIMAttributeStore Application

But if you wish it to have it's own log you can call it like this:
EVENTSOURCE /A Cortego.ADFS.FIMAttributeStore MyOwnCustomLog

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